Sunday, January 30, 2011

end of weekend 4

This has been a very successful weekend. We have the robots base up and we have put all the electronics on the robot. After working on the program the programmers switched over to the new robot for the first time with out any problems. Which is amazing. The guys building the lifter finished the first one yesterday afternoon and tested it and it worked. they then decided to build a second lift which when you put the grabber on looks sorta like a t-Rex. Its amazing. We also now have a mini bot that is working. Though our co-captian Brownbear keeps hurting himself while working with the mini bot stuff, they have been very successful. Everyone is excited to start testing the robot at St.Pauls. Hopefully we will be at St. Pauls next weekend testing everything. The line following program that the programmers have come up with are working, which is pretty amazing. More next weekend.

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