Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22, 2011

Its the start of the third weekend of the season. the base is almost done being built. The prototype of the lift is built. The guys have the gripper prototype up and running. It can grab the game pieces and will hopefully be able to rotate very soon. Everyone is working hard to get things done for the robot. It has been a very productive day so far. Animation team has finished the storyboard. It is amazing. They are now working on making models of the different things needed for the animation. It is going to be really adorable! The programmers have a line following program up and running for our robot. They also have the encoders working. And they also have gotten the camera up and running.Which is awesome.They hope to have an autonomous and operator working by the end of the night. who knows how long of night it shall be. Nick is getting ready to work on the Chairman's award.

From our little reporter: Mentor Casey Burr says "The team is working together considerably well since the time we've had together has been short. About half the team is new. We are all getting along fabulously!"

We will update more tomorrow. there will be videos first thing tomorrow.


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